Tuesday, April 23, 2013

National Nurses Week Is Coming!

It is National Nurses Week May 6th – May 12th, help Hospice of Southern Illinois and a variety of other healthcare organizations celebrate the work of the nurses in our communities. Our nurses care for patients and families who are going through a difficult time in their life. They deserve a week designated to recognize their ability to provide outstanding, compassionate care, celebrate their will to go above and beyond, and appreciate the sacrifices they make for their patients and families they serve. Everyone works side by side with nurses every day not only in hospice, but in clinics, schools, hospitals, and more! If a nurse has touched your life in some way, take this designated week to thank them.

In 2013, the American Nursing Association noted the National Nurses Week theme as providing quality and innovation in patient care. “Hospice of Southern Illinois nurses represents the 2013 theme as much as any nursing team could. They not only provide the best care possible, they provide care as an art form and with compassion. Innovation brings our team to a new level. They are always working on new projects, researching new products, and exploring the cutting edge options for end-of-life care. I think so highly of them, I would call them to take care of my own family when that time comes. I think when you recommend your own to take care of your own, it speaks volumes!” says Christine Juehne, Print and Social Media Coordinator.

The history of National Nurses Week dates back to 1953. Each year May 6th begins the celebration through the 12th, the birthday of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing. Nursing takes a dedicated person with a passion for helping others. They advocate for their patients and passing healthcare regulations, they are leaders in the workplace and community managing the lives of others and taking initiative to make patients and families comfortable, and set the bar for providing compassionate care!

To learn more about National Nurses Week visit www.nursingworld.org. To learn more about Hospice of Southern Illinois or to apply for open nursing positions, visit https://www.hospice.org/how-can-i-support/careers/. Hospice of Southern Illinois is proud to be your community, not-for-profit hospice serving 27 counties in southern Illinois since 1981. If you have any questions call 1-800-233-1708 or visit www.hospice.org

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