Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My experience with hospice. By: Angela Lammers

My summer 2012 internship at Hospice of Southern Illinois was an experience I would never change for anything. On my first day, I went through orientation where I learned about Hospice of Southern Illinois and the goal they strive to reach each day. I found out that there are many aspects to keep a business running and how every little thing is critiqued until everyone is satisfied. Each day at Hospice of Southern Illinois was different, which I really enjoyed. I never knew what to expect, but was always ready for a challenge. My main focus each day was to reach out to individual businesses and get the word out about Relais Bonne Eau, Hospice of Southern Illinois' Hospice Home. It was also my responsibility each day to make sure I was able to complete my tasks given, which varied. 
I found that what benefited me the most as an intern at Hospice of Southern Illinois was each day I had to be prepared for something different and be able to take on any challenges that may occur.  Through this experience, the thing I liked best about it was broadening my knowledge about marketing and being able to get firsthand experience, rather than just reading and learning about it in a classroom.  I enjoyed my time at Relais Bonne Eau and would be willing to come back if they ever needed any extra help.  Hospice of Southern Illinois is a great place to work and I feel honored to be able to put a business like this on my resume.
-Angela Lammers

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