Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Intake Nurses Improve Customer Service

     Hospice is a special healthcare option for patients and families who are faced with a terminal illness. A multi-disciplinary team of physicians, nurses, social workers, bereavement counselors and volunteers works together to address the physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs of each patient and family. The hospice team provides care to patients in their own home or a home-like setting regardless of the patient’s age or ability to pay. There are many things to consider when making a decision about hospice, including how you were treated when you called for the first time.
     Hospice of Southern Illinois focuses on patient and family-centered care and we want to make sure the transition into hospice care is a smooth one. No one has to die alone. One way we are working hard to make sure that with your first contact, whether it’s a question about hospice care or a loved one who needs hospice care, we have consistency, compassion, efficiency, effectiveness, and experience. To ensure this happens, we have hired intake nurses. The intake nurse has a responsibility to:
- Consistently be a point of contact for people who make a referral

- Coordinate our team and transition individuals smoothly into hospice care

- Show compassion and be friendly

- Use their hospice expertise to assist healthcare professionals and community members with the best plan for the patient’s individual needs

     This new position has proved successful and has improved our customer service. You can always be at ease calling Hospice of Southern Illinois because you know we are committed to be with our patients and their loved ones through the changing needs of the end-of-life process and grief experience, starting with the initial phone call!

{Meet Bobbie from the Belleville location and Debbie from the Marion location}

Hospice of Southern Illinois is here to teach you what hospice is, what we are about, and what we can do for you and your loved ones. No one has to go through the dying process alone. Hospice of Southern Illinois can help.
Live well, laugh often, and love much,
Christine Juehne
Hospice of Southern Illinois
Community Education

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